Project Delivery Methods

The Various Dynamix Engineering Delivery Methods

Dynamix can accommodate a number of delivery methods to suit a client’s needs, including the traditional design-bid-build, design-assist, design-build, integrated project delivery and fast-track, compressed schedule. Our team has decades of experience in each method, which results in a more efficient, streamlined process from start to finish. Dynamix is well known for its design flexibility and willingness to work with clients to determine which options are best suited for their project by determining the priorities of the project – time, costs, risks, etc. Our philosophy is that satisfying the needs of the owner and project, while maintaining project quality and code compliance, is far more important than imposing a rigid design attitude.

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Below you will find the difference between the major project delivery methods.

...decades of experience in each method, which results in a more efficient, streamlined process from start to finish

Traditional Design-Bid-Build

Through this traditional method of project delivery, a single contract for construction is drafted. First, design guidelines are established and finalized between an architect and the company’s internal team. The contract then goes up for bidding among various subcontractors. Construction takes place after the bid has been won by the most suitable party.

Design-Assist Method

This particular process is a collaborative approach to construction that first calls for the owner of the facility to establish a conceptual building plan. From here, a construction team works with an engineer during the design and construction phases. With the absence of a bidding process, competitive pricing may be slightly inhibited, but cooperation and communication are both greatly increased. This method is great for unique, hands-on projects.

Design-Build Services

With the design-build option, a single point of contact is established between you and the contracting firm. Dynamix becomes that point of contact to handle both the design and construction duties for your entire project.

Integrated Project Delivery

The owner, engineer and the builder/construction manager collaborate to create a plan that will reinforce project goals with the integrated project delivery method. Shared risk & reward, one multi-party contract and the utilization of building information modeling are other targeted aspects of this method. Interests of each team member are aligned to achieve these common goals. This project delivery strategy is great for large, more complex projects that require the input of multiple parties.

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