MEPT Engineering Design

Engineering Design Process Re-Defined

Our core engineering services include detailed design within – PLUMBING, FIRE PROTECTION, HVAC, ELECTRICAL, TECHNOLOGY, and MED GAS. We are constantly re-defining the delivery of these engineering systems and leading the industry into areas of benefited change.

Dynamix has expertise within a wide variety of project types including Integrated Lean Delivery Process, Integrated Project Delivery, Pebble Projects, Evidence-based Design, LEED, Green Globes and list continues.

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...vast experience in control systems engineering, programming, installation and commissioning.

Experienced Integration of Engineering Technologies

Dynamix utilizes varied technologies throughout the design process including Building Information Modeling (BIM), Energy Modeling, Light Analysis, Wi-Fi Predictive, Laser Measurement & 3D space implementation, Customized Controls Graphic Interfaces, Air Measurement & Monitoring, Thermal Imaging and others. Our integrated use of such tools has provided our clients with key knowledge for decision making, reduced initial and long-term costs, shortened construction schedules, and provided unique solutions otherwise not obtained.

Building with Sustainability and Energy Savings in Mind

As a certified sustainable partner, Dynamix Engineering proactively works towards complete sustainability for your operation. The U.S. Green Building Council’s program provides one standard in terms of sustainable certification for design, construction and maintenance firms nationwide. The Dynamix Green Design Team consults with your board to discuss the best, most energy efficient route to take that will meet the key goals of your project in a timely manner. Our extensive knowledge of the LEED Certification program ensures a reduced carbon footprint, minimized energy costs and maximized structural longevity of your facility and its systems. We have expertise in projects from Platinum to Certified.

Some examples of our applied innovation include water efficiency, energy performance optimization, hydronic heating and cooling, indoor air quality control and building automation and controls. We have the tools and resources necessary to integrate and automate your facility’s various systems, model potential energy solutions and review its total current and future energy usage.

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