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Energy Auditing Services and Green Building Design

We provide turn-key facility improvement projects that pay for themselves with utility and maintenance savings. Dynamix leverages its partnerships with industry professionals to ensure a holistic solution is developed to include lighting systems, alternative energies, building envelope, sustainable design strategies, building automation system (BAS) and innovative mechanical system technologies. For an in-depth look at our extensive energy efficient efforts, visit the Dynamix Energy Services site.

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...turn-key facility improvement projects that pay for themselves with utility and maintenance savings

The Keys to Sustainability

Efficiency is the first step toward a sustainable future. Through the use of energy saving techniques and technologies, we help businesses control rising costs, reduce their carbon footprint and prolong the use of their new or existing building by decreasing the stress put on internal systems without compromising comfort for all those within its walls. At Dynamix Engineering, we audit your existing energy usage, compile possible energy system solutions and implement these strategies in a time, cost and energy efficient manner.

Energy Systems, Automation and Controls for Your Facility

When it comes to green design, there is no “one size fits all option.” Each space is different. Each building has its own capabilities. Each organization has its own set of standards and goals. Dynamix learns your objectives and analyzes the potential of the building before the design process begins. We then put our experience and expertise to the test by matching our extensive research to the modern, energy saving technologies that are available. From initial review, to seamless installation, to routine review and maintenance, our professional engineering team has you covered.

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