Building Commissioning for Buildings and Systems

In order to ensure that all building systems perform interactively according to the design intent and to fulfill the needs of the owner, clients turn to Dynamix as an ideal partner in the commissioning process. This critical step in the construction phase of the project is executed with diligence and proficiency and involves verifying and documenting the performance of all applicable equipment and systems in the facility. Only when it is determined that everything is properly installed and operational and the O&M manuals are complete do our commissioning team members consider it a job well done.

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...clients turn to to Dynamix as an ideal partner in the commissioning process

The Dynamix Commissioning Process and Benefits

Our time-tested process aims to verify and document the complete performance of your building and its various energy systems. To meet this goal, our core objective is to affirm that all parts and pieces of your facility have been adequately planned for, optimally designed, seamlessly installed and properly tested as to best assure a high quality experience for years to come. If all goes as planned, the Dynamix building commissioning team will confirm that all potential components of the complex will not only work properly, but at maximum efficiency.

Optimize Energy Usage and Reduce Operating Costs

Dynamix uses its extensive industry experience to review your building’s functions and state of being to help cut energy costs and make sure that the facility is operating at peak performance. This helps minimize your bottom line and increase the longevity of your space and its internal systems. We take an exceptionally in-depth look at current operating sequences, internal safety areas, air quality and many other components to guarantee a smooth construction process.

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