Assessments and Master Planning

Building Assessment Survey, Evaluation and Planning

In a standard assessment, Dynamix will measure and evaluate the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, and technology systems, then provide our clients with the results of our findings. Clients are given a thorough report of the assessment as well as recommendations for viable improvement options that target the needs of the facility, such as energy efficiency, meeting code requirements or other changes to accommodate current and long-term facility needs.

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...a thorough report of the assessment as well as recommendations for viable improvement options

Property Condition Assessments & Construction Planning

We begin our process with the client and their bottom line in mind. We evaluate the status of walls, windows, vertical transportation vessels (elevators, etc.), plumbing, electrical systems, roofing systems and many other building components to get a firm grasp on the environment. If a piece of the existing space can be updated or salvaged, we will save it. Dynamix then tackles the functional objectives of the space through proper planning. From there, we use our integrated design expertise to bring together the landscape with environmental sensitivity and other regularly enforced building standards in mind.

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Dynamix also excels at assessing clients’ needs for the future and mapping out strategies to meet current and projected needs for all essential systems. We work closely with the owner, identify utility tie-ins and develop a flexible plan that accommodates changes in the design over time. Throughout the master planning process, we help owners meet current goals and build towards achieving specific future outcomes.

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