Higher Education

Dynamix College Engineering Projects

College students tend to be on the forefront of technology, so higher education institutions have recognized the importance of systems that support such technology as an important factor in recruitment. Dynamix has the experience and expertise to ensure that educational and residential facilities not only keep up with expectations, but also address anticipated future usage as well. From professors using WiFi in their classrooms to students using the Internet for gaming in their dorms, connectivity is key in our designs.

The Dynamix Difference

Beyond bandwidth, indoor air quality and comfort are key to today’s students. Dynamix recognizes that campuses want marketable facilities to attract potential students, whether it’s a new dormitory with top-of-the-line amenities, an energy-efficient library or a laboratory with cutting-edge technologies.

Our work can be seen on campuses across the country, including Howard University, University of Illinois at Chicago, Central State University, Ohio University, Bowling Green State University and The Ohio State University.

Our Experience


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