Federal, State, & Municipal Government Engineering Projects

From facilities on the local level all the way up to the federal government, Dynamix is a leader in providing energy-efficient design solutions to municipalities, police stations, fire departments and military organizations, all while being good stewards of the tax payers’ dollars being used for each project. We ensure that these vital services continue to provide for and serve their constituents with as little disruption as possible during the construction phase.

Dynamix has served as the Prime Contractor for several IDIQ contracts with the Federal Government and similar multiple award task order contracts for various state and local government departments.

The Dynamix Difference

Our team has extensive experience in balancing program goals with public interest, all while serving the unique demands of multiple owner groups. Government building projects tend to have less flexibility than their private sector counterparts, which is why, from initial design, to implementation, every step of the way is handled with immense care. We have developed a system of clear communication that promotes both project efficiency and respect to every party involved.

Dynamix has provided services for an esteemed list of clients, including the City of Columbus, the City of Cincinnati, the Department of Veterans Affairs, US Environmental Protection Agency, and the Ohio National Guard.

Our Experience


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