Dynamix Engineering Projects & Industry Expertise

Dynamix Engineering assembles creative, innovative and functional building designs for a variety of industries, meeting the strict regulation compliance standards and efficiency needs of each client we serve. Our team of professional engineers uses its combined experience and assortment of skill sets to deliver a structurally sound, aesthetically pleasing engineering solution.

Take a look at the vast variety of industries and markets we proudly serve:


Our specialized healthcare team of engineers has been able to leverage its knowledge of medical technology and functional design principles to create world-class hospital environments that support healing and recovery.

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PK-12 Education

As a proud partner of the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission, Dynamix has completed more than 300 projects, focusing in on mechanical, electrical, plumbing and technology design to enhance the education experience for students.

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Higher Education

These facilities are expected to promote the professionalism, promise and prosperity of the country’s future leaders. Through the use of our own technologies and energy efficiency systems, we have conquered that task for a variety of universities and colleges throughout the nation.

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Getting from A to B safely, quickly and comfortably is a desire shared by commuters everywhere. To achieve this dream, a safe and secure facility must be put in place to act as a headquarters, housing the technologies and tools that manage these road networks. Dynamix Engineering has successfully completed a number of transportation facility projects, thus allowing these organizations to create seamless transportation systems and well-structured logistical plans for drivers across the nation.

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The Dynamix team of engineers is well-versed in government regulation. We thoroughly understand the demand for strict requirements and policies instituted by municipalities at the local, state, and federal levels.

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Aesthetic appeal and practicality are two key players for the success of stores and distributors. Throughout our years, we have coupled modern design with flexible systems and technologies to properly equip retailers for prosperous futures.

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Recreation and Sports

From arenas to parks, Dynamix has extensive experience designing and implementing plans for these venues that not only promote proper lighting, energy efficiency and indoor air quality, but also focus on comfort for future players, fans, and everyday folks in the area.

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Known for our expertise in green design and building sustainability, we specialize in constructing edifices that prolong and protect the environment, while also cutting energy costs and minimizing your bottom line.

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