Creating Sincere Engineering Business Partnerships

by Dynamix Engineering

Since our earliest days of business, we’ve approached our services with a focus on solving problems. While many claim to subscribe to the same philosophy, we really believe our approach differs in that we don’t claim to already have all the answers. Yes, we have extensive experience in all the markets we serve and we are confident that our team members are among the best in the industry. But, experience and expertise are only part of the equation. True project success occurs when egos are set aside, innovation is encouraged and sincere partnering is the goal. To this end, we are committed to and are known for being responsive to our clients and their needs, whether we are currently under contract or not. Instead of telling you how good we are at what we do, we spend time figuring out what you need and then share with you how we are going to solve the problem.

As I look back on our now 18-plus year company history, one thing stands out – our listing of clients, trusted advisors and colleagues continues to grow, but few names have fallen off the list. To this end, I gave some thought as to what we have been told are the keys to success related to our services. I share them with you here to give you some insight into how we define customer service. This listing may prove beneficial in guiding the selection of your next project team.

How to select a partner that is truly interested in being your partner:

  1. Sincere interest in solving problems: When selecting a consultant or vendor for your next project, ask them what problems they are most proud of being able to solve. Look beyond the portfolio of big name clients as the innovation and true magic often occurs on the most mundane of projects. However, as we know, the devil is often in the details. Ask the team to share some of the challenges that occurred during design, construction, or even after the project was complete. You’ll be able to gauge a lot from their problem-solving process.
  2. Choose the team that isn’t afraid to tell you what you don’t want to hear: There are a lot of folks out there that will tell you what you want to hear to earn your work, but how does that solve problems? We have never been accused of simply telling our clients what they want to hear. Rather, we tell them what they need to hear, only with potential solutions to the challenge. Success comes from working with those that are willing to ask real questions and give you real answers.
  3. Pick a team that will become part of your team: One of the keys to success for Dynamix is our philosophy that every client should be taken care of, whether or not we are currently under contract with them or not. Once a client, always a client. True partners will take your call whether or not they are currently getting paid. This approach involves going out of our way to be a resource and available. Further, don’t subscribe to traditional teaming arrangements or ways of doing business. As an owner, it makes good sense for you to work directly with the MEP consultant so your team has direct access to the problem solvers. If you can find a better way to have your team engage with the problem solvers, make it happen, even if it means a new way of operating.

As a final thought, we like to leave a project building a relationship, knowing that future projects will be based on the relationship and partnering spirit formed during the current project. This philosophy has served us well. I invite you to reach out today and let us know how we can help you.